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What are Inventory Custom Fields?

Custom fields are a powerful feature in our software that allow you to store additional information that is specific to your business needs. These fields can be created on Inventory Categories, Inventory SKUs, Inventory Items, Sales Orders, and Customers. By adding custom fields, you can more effectively track your inventory and sales data.

When a value is stored on a custom field for an Inventory Category, all of the Inventory SKUs and Inventory Items within that category will receive the same value. Similarly, when a value is stored on a custom field for an Inventory SKU, all of the Inventory Items belonging to that SKU will receive the value.

Custom fields can also be configured with different types of data, such as text, date, date/time, number, and currency. The type of field you choose depends on the kind of data you want to store. For example, if you want to store a date for a particular Inventory Item, you would choose the date type.

Another useful configuration option for custom fields is the autocomplete checkbox. This feature suggests existing values when you are typing in a new value. For example, if you have a custom field that stores console systems, and you type in "Nin," a dropdown will appear with previously entered values that contain the word "Nintendo."

The "Include in listview" checkbox is another useful feature that allows you to determine whether a custom field should appear in the related listview. Adding custom fields to the listview can slow down its loading time, so we recommend being selective when adding fields to the listview.

The "Include as listview filter" checkbox is also useful, as it allows you to filter the results based on the custom field. This option can be used to quickly find specific inventory items or sales orders that meet certain criteria.

Custom fields provide a powerful way to customize your inventory and sales data tracking to meet your business needs. By adding custom fields to your data, you can more easily track and analyze the information that is most important to your business. We recommend taking some time to explore the custom field feature and see how it can help improve your inventory and sales management.

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