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Sales Orders allow you to:

  • Create an order
  • Send a Quote for approval to Customer
  • Assign/create a customer for the order
  • Attach things to the order
    • Inventory Items by scanning the Item's barcode
    • A SKU by scanning the UPC barcode or searching by name
    • A Kit by typing in the Kit's SKU or searching by name
    • A non-inventory line item; if you want to also include a service charge or some other line item that isn't connected to anything in inventory, you can just enter in the description
  • Mark what payment methods were performed and for how much
  • If the order was a Pick-up or Delivery type then you're giving a Pickticket step where it tells you where to pull the items in inventory from to fulfill the order
  • Provide order receipts
    • Printing a full paged order receipt
    • Printing a receipt on receipt paper
    • Email a receipt to the customer
  • Return Items (coming soon)

Sales Order Statuses

  • An order starts out Open, which means that you're still able to scan/add items to the order.
  • A Quoted order is an Open order that has been quoted to the customer. Walk-in orders are not eligible to be quoted.
  • Closed is a term that means that the order is no longer Open but Closed isn't actually a specific status that an order will be in. You can not add more line items to it and your inventory has been adjusted. All statuses except for Open and Canceled are considered Closed.
  • An Unpaid order is a Closed order that doesn't have any or enough payments attached to it.
  • An Authorized order is a Closed order that has at least one payment that is not captured yet, only authorized. Typically, this is a credit card authorization of payment, but you haven't captured the payment until you ship the order.
  • An order in Capturing status happens after the order has been marked Fulfilled, but it contains non-captured payments. While in this step you're able to mark payments as captured.
  • A Paid order is a Closed order that has been 100% paid for but the customer does not have their merchandise yet. This step is typically seen for Pick-up or Delivery order if the order was paid/captured before fulfillment.
  • A Completed order is one that's been paid for and the customer has their items (or their items are being shipped to the customer).
  • A Canceled order is one that was canceled before fulfillment.

Sales Order Types

  • Walk-in orders are ones where the customer has gathered and brought the goods to you from your store. These orders skip the Paid status and go right to Completed once paid for. This type of order is charged Sales Tax based on the state and zipcode of the Facility associated with the Sales Order.
  • Pick-up orders are similar to Walk-in orders except that it's assumed that the customer has not gathered the goods already and so an extra step is added after the order is authorized or paid for. During this extra step Knowledge ERP will provide you with the Inventory Locations to pull the goods from to fulfill the order.
  • Delivery orders, similar to Pick-up orders, get an extra step after payment has been authorized or paid for where you're provided with a pickticket to gather the order together. Another difference with Delivery type orders is that the customer is charged Sales Tax based on the destination state/zipcode. Note that currently shipping charges aren't automatically populated, you'll need to click on the "..." button next to the total of an Open order to add shipping charges.

Sales Order Receipt

Once the Sales Order is complete there are 3 methods to provide a Sales Order receipt to your customer

  1. Email Receipt
  2. Receipt printed on receipt paper
  3. Receipt printed on 8.5x11

Emailed Sales Order Receipt

If you created/selected a customer when creating the order, and if that customer has an email address on file, you can email them Receipt. The email from name will match your Account's company name and the email reply to email address will match the email address that you've entered for Sales Order's Facility.

Sales Order Receipt printed on Receipt Paper

Printing out a Sales Order receipt on Receipt Paper is the most common receipt provided to a customer. The receipt was designed for 3 1/8 inch (80mm) receipt printers. The device that we've used for testing is seen here. Here's our recommended printer settings:

  • Margins: Minimum
  • Options: Uncheck "Headers and Footers" - this will remove the webpage title and page number at the bottom of the printout.

Sales Order Receipt printed on 8.5x11

In case you don't have a receipt printer and don't have the budget to get one, we also offer a version of the print receipt that's formatted for a full sheet of regular paper. Generally this is bigger and bulkier than you'd want to provide to a customer but depending on your use case it might work.

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