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How to enable your inventory to be checked out or rented

Enable inventory check-out for customers via sales orders and users on item pages. Set due dates with alerts on the dashboard for overdue items.

  1. Navigate to the Inventory Settings page.
    • Click on the "Inventory" section of the menu.
    • Then click on the "Settings" link inside the Inventory section of the menu.
  2. Enable the "Enable Check Out features for SKUs" toggle.
  3. If you want to be able to specify due dates for items checked out/rented then you should also enable the "Allow Due Dates for Inventory Check Outs/Rentals" toggle.
  4. Enabling Check Out changes the following:
    • When you edit a SKU you will now see a "Usage Type" dropdown which will allow you to indicate whether this SKU can be checked out/rented or if it's used/sold.
    • If the SKU is marked as "Check Out/Rent" then:
      • On the Inventory Item page your users can check out the inventory into their name.
      • When a Sales Order is completed with this SKU, the inventory item will be checked out to the customer and enable features to check in the item later.
    • Additionally this enables the Inventory Item status of "Checked Out/Rented" which you can use to filter the inventory item list page and also within the reports section.

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