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What are Inventory Facilities?

Facilities are a way to group your Inventory Locations in a logical and organized manner. With facilities, you can define and manage multiple locations, such as stores, stockrooms, warehouses, or distribution centers, that are separated from one another but still part of your overall inventory management system. Breaking up your inventory into multiple Facilities, even for a small store with a stockroom, can help streamline the Sales Order process.

To illustrate how Facilities work, consider the example of a single store that has a stockroom in the back for storing extra stock. By creating two Facilities - one for the Store and one for the Stockroom - you can better manage your inventory and accurately track where items are being pulled from. When Sales Orders are created for the Store, the system matches the UPC barcodes and deducts from the Store's Inventory Locations first, before pulling from the Stockroom. This ensures that your inventory management is accurate and reflects where items were actually pulled from, rather than being affected by customer behavior.

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