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What are Pre-Assembled Kits?

Pre-Assembled Kits, often referred to as composite items, are products assembled from various components or other Inventory SKUs. With Knowledge ERP, you have the flexibility to configure SKUs to use up specific component SKUs, making it ideal for industries where products are assembled or bundled.

Effortless Configuration:

Configure Pre-Assembled Kits effortlessly through Knowledge's intuitive interface. Define which component SKUs to use and in what quantities. You can target specific Inventory SKUs or entire Inventory Categories, giving you complete control over your inventory assembly process.

Detailed Tracking:

Knowledge ERP ensures thorough tracking of every Inventory Item. Each batch receives a unique lot number, offering impeccable traceability. If you track inventory costs, our system automatically sets the cost of the new composite item as the sum of the costs of its components, simplifying your accounting and financial reporting.

Customer-Centric Benefits:

For businesses utilizing item barcodes and Sales Orders, Knowledge ERP provides an added advantage. You can easily trace which customers received Inventory Items created using specific component SKUs, enhancing your customer service and satisfaction.

Full Inventory Visibility:

In Knowledge ERP, every item's journey through your inventory is meticulously recorded. Whether an item is used to create another item or sold to a customer, you can identify which customers received items related to the original Inventory Item, ensuring complete transparency.

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