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Knowledge ERP Sales Order Documentation

What are Sales Orders

Sales Orders allow you to bundle SKUs and other charges that a customer is purchasing.

What is Sales Tax

The Sales Taxes section allows you to define what Sales Taxes you charge your customers when creating Sales Orders.

Streamline Your Appointments with our Appointment Scheduler

The appointment scheduler feature allows customers to schedule appointments with you online, automatically creating sales orders and customer records while triggering custom questionnaires for further information.

How Customer Questionnaire Streamlines Sales Orders

The Customer Questionnaire is a feature that allows you to trigger a questionnaire to be emailed to the customer when creating a Sales Order. The customer can then fill in their information, including custom fields on the sales order that are editable by the customer. This information can then populate the customer's profile, making it easier for you to keep track of their information and making it easier for the customer to pick up their order.

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