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How to add new inventory into your inventory management software

Adding inventory is easy with Knowledge ERP. Here are the easy steps to follow to add newly purchased inventory into the system.

  1. From the menu, under the Inventory section, click on "Add Inventory"
  2. If you have previously had this type of item ("SKU") in your inventory before you can select it by either:
    • Scan the UPC barcode into the "SKU" field (if the item has a UPC barcode), or
    • Search for and select the name of the SKU in the "Name" field.
  3. If this is a new SKU then fill in the required SKU field values
    • "Name" is the item's name. The name should be specific enough to know what it is, but ideally not too long to fit properly on a label.
    • "Quantity per Item" indicates how many and what units of measure each item will represent in Knowledge ERP. For example if each item will represent a box of 25 paper towel rolls then you'd enter "25" and "rolls". If you're tracking equipment then you might choose to just enter "1" and "item".
    • "SKU Price" indicates how much you charge for this item. If you do not see this field it might be disabled by your administrator.
    • "Usage Type" indicates whether this item is available to be check out/rent. If you do not see this field then your account might not be configured to allow items to be checked out.
    • "Category" indicates how you will group this item with other items in Knowledge ERP. Grouping together similar items within a category structure allows for easy filtering later.
    • Then populate any SKU level custom fields that you have on your account.
  4. Populate all required Item fields
    • "Location" indicates where the new inventory items will be physically located. This value is used to easily find your inventory later.
    • "Quantity Remaining" indicates how much of each inventory item you are adding. Generally this should be 100% when you're first adding new inventory into Knowledge ERP.
    • "Stock Adjustment" indicates why the items are being added. This value can be useful later for reporting purposes.
      • "Purchase" indicates that these items are purchased.
      • "Donation (in)" indicates that the items were donated.
      • "Transfer (in)" indicates that the items moved from another part of your organization and is now tracked within your Knowledge ERP account.
    • Then populate any Item level custom fields that you have on your account.
  5. Enter how many of these inventory items you're adding into the "How Many?" field. For example, entering 5 into this field will create 5 identical inventory items, each with their own unique inventory item id and barcode label.
  6. Lastly click on the green "Save" button at the bottom. This will create the inventory items and their barcode labels.

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