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How to print inventory labels

With Knowledge ERP you can generate and print inventory barcode labels. Here are the steps for printing labels that have been generated.

  1. Click on the "Labels" link in the menu.
  2. Locate the labels that you want to print in the list and either:
    • Click on the link in the "Sheet" column if the label is already assigned to a Label Sheet, or
    • Generate a new Label Sheet and assign your labels to it.
      • Check on the checkbox in front of the labels that you want to print, or if you want to print all labels then click the checkbox at the top of the checkboxes to check them all.
      • Below the list of labels is a dropdown labeled "Perform these actions on the checked labels...", choose "Print Labels". This will create a new Label Sheet and assign any Labels that aren't assigned to a Label Sheet yet. It will then take you to the newly created Label Sheet.
  3. A print dialog box will appear showing you a print preview of the label sheet. If you're printing on a blank label sheet and it's loaded into your printer, you can simply print the page. If the print dialog box doesn't appear you can click on the printer icon to launch the print dialog.
  4. If you are reusing a partially used label sheet then you can use the "offset" field at the top of the page to adjust the positioning of the labels on the label sheet. Enter the number of labels that were already used before and click on the "Update" button. For Example if you had previously printed 4 labels on the label sheet, enter "4" into this field and it will adjust the placement of the labels on the sheet.
  5. When the labels have printed and you've confirmed that they printed properly you should click on the green "Printed" checkbox to mark the Label Sheet as printed.

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