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What are Inventory Stock Adjustments?

Inventory Stock Adjustment are used to track how much and what type of stock changes occur with your inventory.

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Adjustment Types

The following are types of Inventory Stock Adjustments you can make within your inventory. These allow you to categorize stock changes and report on those types of changes.


This type is the most common type used when adding Inventory Items to Knowledge ERP. This type indicates that you've purchased the inventory that you're adding into Knowledge ERP.

Donation (in)

Similar to Purchase, "Donation (in)" is used when you're adding an Inventory Items into Knowledge ERP that was donated to your organization. Tracking donations different can help you with reporting and can impact future features that we'll add into Knowledge ERP.

Transfer (in)

The third type used when adding Inventory Items to Knowledge ERP is "Transfer (in)". You'd select this value if you were getting the inventory from another part of your organization that is not currently using Knowledge ERP. This type is also used if you change the Facility of an existing Inventory Item. The system will create an Inventory Stock Adjustment indicating that the item was transferred out of one Facility and then transferred into the new Facility.


When you sell an Inventory Items, either outside of Knowledge ERP or using a Sales Order, these stock adjustments are sales and thus get the Sale adjustment type. Having the Sale type instead of the Used type can help you report the change more accurately.


The Used stock adjustment type indicates that your organization has used Inventory Items yourselves rather than selling or discarding it. Knowing if it was used or sold can enable better reporting.


If you get rid of an Inventory Items for any reason, whether that's because it has expired or if your organization just doesn't wait it anymore and can't donate it, you'd mark it as Discard when removing it from your inventory. Tracking this change as discard allows for better reporting and won't show up as a sale or as having been used.

Donation (out)

Similar to Discard, Donation (out) indicates that you've gotten rid of the Inventory Items, but you were able to donate it to someone else. This small distinction might be helpful to keep separate for reporting purposes.

Transfer (out)

If you are removing an Inventory Items to move it to another part of your organization that isn't tracked within Knowledge ERP you'd mark it as "Transfer (out)". This type may also be used automatically (see "Transfer (in)").

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